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Womens Groups

Womens groups

Thanks to Victoria Hertlein, one of our recent volunteers who was teaching at our Santa Tecla project in El Salvador, we at Travel to Teach can now offer our female volunteers the chance to work with and educate the women at the ‘Casa de Mujeres’ women’s project.

By volunteering here you will not only be teaching women English but also providing an opportunity for women who have come from various backgrounds who have suffered physical, mental abuse, and violence in El Salvador with an opportunity to no longer depend on men.

'Machismo' (or Sexism) is rife within the El Salvadoran culture where traditional gender roles remain. The man of the household is the breadwinner and the woman of the household looks after the home. From birth, children are raised to understand that they will have very different roles and expectations in life.

Many of the women and children of El Salvador survive in a hostile social climate of sexual harassment and sexual violence. These conditions expose women and especially young girls to dangers within the home, in their communities, in their schools, and in their workplaces.

Many of the women at our Casa de Mujere’s project are disadvantaged and are looking for a way to become financially independent and to be able to find jobs within the workforce. By teaching English to these women we are providing them with the skills to find a better paid job and escape the difficult life and background they have grown up with.

Other programs at Casa de Mujeres include counseling services for domestic violence, training educating individuals about violence against women, and a newly formed coalition of women dedicated to ending violence against women within their community.

We at Travel to Teach strive to work at this project with the United Nations 2015 Goals in mind: http://www.mdgmonitor.org/goal3.cfm