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Volunteer Asia

The most famous island in Indonesia has retained its fascinating culture despite its booming tourism industry. Traditional Balinese life plays out amongst the rice terraces, along the beaches and at every one of the 20,000 temples. Volunteer in Bali and you will get to enter into the local communities, participate in Hindu ceremonies and experience a world beyond the backpacker. Just be sure to book early as our Bali projects fill up very quickly!

Volunteer in Thailand and see a world outside the backpacker trail and beaches. At our Thailand projects we base volunteers in small communities near to the more popular tourist destinations so you can experience everything Thailand has to offer. A great starting location for volunteers going on to explore the less developed parts of Asia such as Laos, Cambodia and Nepal.

Laos is the perfect volunteer location for anyone yearning for a slower pace of life. Volunteering in Laos is quite informal with the emphasis on tutoring monks and local students. Laos is easily accessed from Thailand, Cambodia, China and Vietnam making it the perfect combination placement.

Vietnam is arguably one of the most beautiful countries on earth and our program is in one of the most intresting towns. It is one of our smaller projects but also one of our most attractive ones. Be part of a Vietnamese family just a short distance from a beautiful beach and all the other amenities Hoi An has to offer.

Although just across the border from Thailand and Laos, volunteering in Cambodia offers a completely different volunteer experience. Volunteers choosing a placement in Cambodia should be committed to spending at least four weeks volunteering and should have a passion for teaching English, French or Art.

Being the fifth most populated island in the Maldives, Naifaru is a bustling little community, spotted with stores selling everything from hardware to tailoring services. There is a post office and a bank (with an ATM) at your disposal as well as number of restaurants and coffee shops. Naifaru has just over 5,000 people currently registered on the island with the majority being Maldivian whilst there are a small number of expatriate workers from countries such as Bangladesh and Pakistan.

Naifaru has a few main streets which form a grid within which you will find a maze of intricate side streets and alleys. Both the main streets and side streets are always filled with people of all ages, sitting around talking, playing local card games or even playing Maldivian music in the street – Naifaru is an island full of life and friendly people, a great place to make new friends and meet new faces.

Think of India and, most likely, the first thing that comes to mind is lively streets filled with hustle and bustle. Our volunteer project in India takes volunteers away from the fray and into a rural setting to work with a village community desperately in need of support.

The farm we live in is situated about 60 km from Colombo and 40 km from Kandy. It's in a rural area with small villages on the slopes of the mountains.

We're in a guesthouse within a cocnut and banana farm and on the other side of the river is the biggest elephant nurcery on Sri Lanka. Elephants that are ill are kept on our side of the river and partly on the premises of the farm. We are then able to help feed and clean them.

Volunteer at our projects in China and see firsthand the country that has successfully moved 600 million people out of poverty in the past 30 years. Volunteers working at our projects here will get a unique insight into the remarkable Chinese culture. Combine your stay with a placement in Nepal for a completely different volunteer experience!