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Restoration Camps

Restoration camps

During the school holidays we at Travel to Teach are reknown for putting on restoration summer camps. Most of the time these summer camps consist of informal English teaching combined with other fun yet educational subjects such as Sports, Art and Music, as well working on some much needed restoration work on the under-privileged schools.

We organised our first camp in the summer of 2005 at the Meechai School in Nongkhai, Thailand. The school was really run down and the authorities wanted to close it. The authorities called a town meeting to announce this but when they met us and saw what we were doing they soon changed their minds. The school is still open and we still teach there and continue with the upkeep of the school during the summer holidays to this day.

During our first restoration camp we fixed the electricity and the water, we painted inside and out, we fixed their toilets and we restored the children’s playground.

We tend to take on cosmectic projects such as painting and decorating ourselves, but electrical and water/plumbing projects we tend to pay local professionals to do.

Restoration camps are also ideal for groups to take part in.

Restoration camps are very popular with our volunteers, working together they see the tangible impact of their volunteer work.

To find out more about our restoration camps in Nongkhai, Thailand click here.

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