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Volunteering in Nicaragua Nicaragua is a country of stark contrasts. With over 50 volcanoes, historic colonial super-cities, pristine beaches and an eclectic nightlife, it is a country that can amaze even the most experienced traveller. On either coast, Nicaragua has legendary surfing and scuba sites, and sandwiched between the coasts you might bump into a howler monkey, on your way to one of Nicaragua's several creator lagoons. In the town squares, you can hear about the resonant histories of several of the oldest cities in the Americas, on your way to local vendors selling delicious Nicaraguan cuisines.

One does not have to stray far from town centers however to see that Nicaragua is also a country that has seen its fair share of difficulties. Nicaragua has played host to civil wars, dictators, economic sanctions and tragic natural disasters in the 20th century, and the affects can still be seen throughout the country today. It is the second poorest country in the Americas, and although it has made tremendous strides in the past 20 years, it still has a long way to go. Travel to Teach is active throughout Nicaragua, working with schools and orphanages, to create a better tomorrow for people throughout the region. Its goal, along with the hardworking people of Nicaragua, is to continue to provide this country with the tools it needs to assure that everyone has the opportunities to a full and happy life.

It is hard not to fall in love with Nicaragua, with its many contrast and visitors will find a people extremely proud of their history and optimistic about their future. Unlike its more visited regional neighbors, Nicaragua still has a lot of undiscovered charms making it the perfect place to begin an new adventure

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Nicaragua Facts

Inhabitants:  5,700,000
Capital City:  Managua
Official Language:  Spanish
Dominant Religion:  Catholisism
Literacy Rate:  78%
Female Literacy:  78%
Gini, inequality index:  40
GDP/Capita:  $4,500

Nestled on the shores of the largest lake in Central America, Granada is a colonial gem unlike anywhere else in the world. Founded in 1521, it is one of the oldest European cities in the Americas. Its rich history includes, several pirate attacks, a takeover by Filibuster, William Walker, a civil war with neighboring rival city Leon, and much more. It’s beautifully preserved architecture, slower pace, and a long list of sights to see and activities to do make for the perfect setting for a long vacation, but be warned, you might just decide to stay for good.

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