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Many guide books say that Granada is a great base camp for a Central American adventure, but with its countless sights and activities, you might end up asking yourself, what’s the point in ever leaving.” Home to some of Central Americas most attractive churches, the best preserved colonial architecture in Central America, first class restaurants and cafes, and some of the most wonderful people you will ever meet, Granada has everything you want, in city small enough and safe enough to where cars become something you remember having to use.

When volunteers do decide to take a long weekend off, there are amazing sites with in just a couple hours of town, including the party beach town of San Juan Del Sur, a world class artists market in Masaya, Volcanoes high enough that you would have to be insane to climb, (many people are) and archeological sites like Leon Viejo, and Huellas de Acahucelinca.

With so much to see and do, it is no wonder that Granada is one of the fastest growing tourist destinations in Central America.


Teaching English

Travel to teach works with an organization that focusing on children’s education. ‘Born’ in 2002, we started in one small village on the outskirts of Granada, and now help more than 2,000 children in poverty-stricken areas. Our volunteers go out into the schools and assist the teachers, tutor young children, run sports programs, introduce children to computers, teach English and help stimulate an interest in learning.

Prices are available for any period between 2 weeks and 6 months.

Show prices in:
2 Weeks 4 Weeks 8 Weeks 12 Weeks 24 Weeks Extra Weeks
$713 $827 $1054 $1281 $1962 $57

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What you receive

    Airport/Bus Station pick up and return
    24 hour support
    Orientation upon arrival
    Regular weekly follow up meetings
    Accommodation in a private room in a volunteer house in historic town center with full facilities including wi-fi
    Local mobile phone
    Nicaraguan cultural introduction
    Nicaraguan cooking classes (3 hours)
    Spanish lessons (20 hours)

Apart from our fees, you must pay for:
  • Your ticket to Granada
  • Vaccinations
  • Travel and health insurance
  • Visa to Nicaragua
  • Food and other personal expenses

Our application process typically takes two or three weeks, but can be speeded up if there is a need for that. When we receive the initial application from you, we will send you our full application form.

(1) Complete the Initial Application Form:
The first stage of the application process is to fill out the brief initial application form. Upon receiving this we will send you the full application form.

(2) Complete the Full Application Form:
Fill out the application form. After receiving this we will assess your suitability and place you on one of our programs.

(3) Placement info:
We will return detailed placement information and an invoice. If you accept the placement you should clikc the link to say so. The fee can be paid with credit card through PayPal or by bank transfer.

(4) Communication:
Once you have made your traveling arrangements you should mail your time of arrival and the means of transportation and we will confirm pickup.

Dates for the Year 2017:
April: Sat 8, Sat 22
May: Sat 6, Sat 20
June: Sat 3, Sat 17
July: Sat 1, Sat 15, Sat 29
August: Sat 12, Sat 26
September: Sat 9, Sat 23
October: Sat 7, Sat 21
November: Sat 4, Sat 18
December: Sat 2, Sat 16, Sat 30
Dates for the Year 2018:
January: Sat 13, Sat 27
February: Sat 10, Sat 24
March: Sat 10, Sat 24
April: Sat 7, Sat 21
May: Sat 5, Sat 19
June: Sat 2, Sat 16, Sat 30
July: Sat 14, Sat 28
August: Sat 11, Sat 25
September: Sat 8, Sat 22
October: Sat 6, Sat 20
November: Sat 3, Sat 17
December: Sat 1, Sat 15, Sat 29

We have several guest houses, all located in the historical district, within blocks of El Parque Central. Although the accommodation is basic, they are clean, safe and comfortable. All are furnished, and have laundry facilities and full kitchens. WiFi is included. Both dormitory lodging and private rooms are available.

Granada has an active social scene centered around La Calzada, a pedestrian friendly street featuring dozen of restaurants and bars. The city contains several grocery stores, markets, and pharmacies. One can easily find live music almost any night of the week, and on the weekend, Granada’s Casa de los Leones is host to musicals, plays and traveling artists. Other entertainment options include a movie theater, museums, swimming pools, and plenty of weekly meet up activities such as pub quizzes and poker games, found on bulletin boards throughout the town.

Weekend Trips include, Ometepe; a volcanic island paradise, San Juan del Sur; a laid back surfing town with arguable the best night life in Nicaragua, Fantastic Volcano hikes including Momotombo and Masaya, the colonial city of Leon as well as the UNESCO Heritage site of Viejo Leon, the Crater Lake; Lago Apoyo, as well as unique shopping opportunities in the Pueblos Blancos, and in Masaya.

Nicaragua has several interesting local food options. Gallo Pinto is a rice and bean dish that has a unique and tasty flavoring often served with eggs, beef or chicken. Other local delicacies are vigarones, revueltas, and nictamales, a Nicaraguan variation of tamale. These can be found at local street vendors or in frittatas and comedores around Granada. Macua is the amazingly refreshing national drink of Nicaragua, and consists of Flor de Cana(rum), guava juice, lemon and sugar.

Of course if Nicaraguan food is not what you are looking for, Granada has enough variety of world cuisine to keep you restaurant hopping for months. Fantastic restaurants abound, featuring Irish, French, Italian, Mexican, American, Chinese and Japanese food. Several high end steak restaurants are in town, as well as pizzeria serving by the slice. Dozens of wonderful coffee shops serve fresh Nicaraguan coffee, some putting the big name coffee shops of the world to shame. One of the most enjoyable aspects of trying a new restaurant in Nicaragua is the wonderful courtyards that many of them have.

Granada has a tropical climate and is hot year round. Expect day time temperatures between 27 C (80 F) and 29 C (84 F) most of the day with the highest in the mid thirties (90 F). Rainy season is between June and October at which point the trees are at their greenest.

Nicaragua’s one international airport is in Managua, the capital and most populated city. Granada is 50 km from Managua. Local buses run all day, and take a little more than a hour. Taxi’s can be found as well and will save you about 20 minutes.


Pauline came from Australia to volunteer in Granada nine years ago. Having experienced various cultures and a varied background, she takes great pleasure in working with a multi-cultural group of volunteers. Pauline is the operations officer of our Nicaragua programs.

Visas are not required for stays under 90 days for most countries. There are, however, a couple exceptions and your country government website is your best place to access complete information.

If you are planning to work in Cambodia then you will need to obtain a police records background check before starting your placement. For details on the application procedure in your home country please take a look at: www.travel-to-teach.org/CRB-information.php

At all other locations you will be required to abide by the Travel to Teach Child Protection Policy.

We recommend our volunteers visit http://wwwnc.cdc.gov/travel/destinations/traveler/none/nicaragua and visit your doctor (ideally, 4-6 weeks) before your trip to get any vaccinations or medicines that you may need.

One of the conditions of entry onto our programs is that volunteers have travel insurance. Most importantly the insurance needs to include medical treatment and repatriation in case of unforeseen accidents or illnesses. Volunteers should purchase insurance independently and bring a copy of their insurance certificate with them for their local co-ordinator to check before starting their program. Read our terms and conditions.

You will get a Travel to Teach certificate stating the time and place you have been teaching.

All volunteers are required to read and agree to our terms and conditions before being accepted onto one our programs.
Read our Terms & Conditions
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