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Volunteering in Nepal
February 2007

New intern

Gabriella Delgado-Lopez was a volunteer in Sangklaburi two years ago.
She is currently studying to become a project coordinator and returned to Nongkhai this year for a three-month internship with Travel to Teach. Gabby who has a background in peace and conflict studies will be working on setting up new program locations and writing evaluation reports.

Johanna and Angela

Angela and Johanna from Australia joined us for a month teaching at the Special School in Nongkhai which houses children with various disabilities including downs syndrome, cerebral palsy and autism.
Having finished their placement they felt that they wanted to help the children further so they donated a substantial sum for the school to buy materials that help children to walk.

Helping with 50+

Lena and Monica
Taking a break from their work and from the snow, ice and cold winds, Lena and Monika from Sweden have come to help us create a program that will suite the over fifties.

Vietnam Volunteer Story

Alissa Woods from Australia spent a month volunteering with us teaching English in Hanoi. Read her volunteer story

Nepal: Travel to Teach in the Himalayas.

nepalese kids playing As T2T Celebrates it's fourth birthday we also finish the second phase of our development by starting programs in Nepal.

Working in Nepal has been a goal of T2T from the very beginning. The beauty of the country and the obvious needs of it's population has made us to want to work there but until now the political situation has kept us away. Since the situation has stabilized in the last year, it's now entirely possible to send volunteers there.

T2T has recently partnered with a wonderful Nepali organization that does a lot of great work in this stunningly beautiful but devastatingly poor country. We will work in four locations; Katmandu, Chitwan (the Terai region), Pokhara (the Annapurna region), and Langtang (the Himalyan region). Volunteers can work in a variety of different fields including social work, informal and formal English teaching and education, and health and sanitation. Volunteering in Nepal is not for the faint of heart but it will undoubtedly be an unforgettable and amazing experience for everyone involved.

T2T Nepal Homepage

Travel to Teach is Four Years Old!

t2t four years On the first of March 2003 Patrick Marlow, a forest fire fighter from Oregon, USA, arrived in Nongkhai.

Pat was our first volunteer read Pats story

So T2T is four years old and it's a healthy youngster! The development of our organisation over these four years have been amazing in many ways. So many people have wanted to stay on and work with us. We have more than doubled the amount of volunteers we have received every year. On average we have added two countries each year; starting with two programs in two locations we now have over 50 programs (places or organizations we help) in 25 locations.

In the future we hope to concentrate our resources on building schools and teaching in them. In Thailand we will be teaching Hill Tribe children and Burmese refugees in the northern area around Chiang Mai.

What about development in the rest of the world?
Schools are needed practically everywhere and education is one of the most precious things one can give. We would like to work in French speaking areas and also to develop programs and build schools in Africa. So perhaps Senegal, Cameroon and/or Ghana will be next on the list.

Volunteering Programs for the Over 50

silk in Laos We have found that many people over the age of 50 would like to volunteer and would love the experience one gets from staying a place and actually being a part society there, but so many volunteer programs are set up for the very young traveler.

T2T wants to experiment with a program catering to the need of more mature people. Combining our existing programs with slightly better and more private accommodation and more "ready made" adventures.

One of the small cultural adventures that can fill a week or a weekend is a silk program in Laos. Take a look at the mini-gallery!

Other add-ons, that we are developing together with our Thai interns, are traditional Thai Handicraft, Thai dancing and Isan Survivors.

Laos Silk Production Mini-Gallery
01 02 03 04 05

Internship Programs

Khon Khaen Uni students Jim, Fhun and Kie are our Thai Interns
Together with Mooy they will help us develop and run the 50+ programs and possibly other Cultural tourism projects in and around Nongkhai.

The Tourism Authority of Thailand is very interested in development of cultural tourism and will help promoting our programs abroad.

Please mail your comments on this newsletter to Travel to Teach.

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