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We have currently suspended our programs in Nepal.

Volunteering in Nepal Nepal is a fascinating, beautiful, rewarding and sometimes challenging place to volunteer. Although the countries political future appears brighter than it has for a long time Nepal still faces massive problems in many other areas. Large parts of the country are devastatingly poor and there are huge opportunities for worthwhile volunteer work.

Ranging from the hot flat planes of the Terrai in the South, to The Himilayas rising to the north Nepal is an incredibly diverse country and we have volunteer programs in four locations; Kathmandu, Chitwan (the Terai region), Pokhara (the Annapurna region), and Langtang (the Himalayan region). Volunteers can work in a variety of different fields including orphanages and social work, informal and formal English teaching and education, and health and sanitation. Volunteering in Nepal is not for the faint of heart but it will undoubtedly be an unforgettable and amazing experience for everyone involved.

Volunteers arriving in Nepal are given between 2 days and two weeks of training, language lessons and initiation in Nepali life. A typical introduction will take around one week and involve 2 days sightseeing and training whilst staying in a guest house in Kathmandu, 2 days at the Kathmandu Happy Home and a further 2 to 3 days in one of our training villages. The length of the introduction depends on the length of the volunteers stay.

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Nepal Facts

Inhabitants:  28,563,377
Capital City:  Kathmandu
Official Language:  Nepali
Dominant Religion:  80.6% Hindu
Literacy Rate:  48.6%
Female Literacy:  34.9%
Gini, inequality index:  47.2
GDP/Capita:  444

Chitwan is situated approximately 150km from Kathmandu, in the middle of the Terrai, a vast, flat and fertile area that borders India and stretches right across Southern Nepal. Our projects are based around the small city of Narayangarth.

Travel to Teach volunteers who choose to volunteer in Chitwan have the opportunity to teach either English, Maths, and/or History to Primary or Secondary students at one of the local government schools, or to teach English and health and hygiene skills along with assisting the children with their other studies at either one of the local orphanages or informal education centers.

The capital of Nepal, and the countries only major city Kathmandu, is a fascinating place. Set in the Kathmandu Valley, with the Himalayas rising to the north and the gentler slopes of the Mahabharat range to the south, Kathmandu is, in places, as crowded, dirty, and bustling as virtually any developing third world city.

Other areas are architecturally stunning and home to numerous notable Hindi and Buddhist temples and ancient buildings.

Within Kathmundu, Travel to Teach volunteers have the chance to teach English to public and private schools as well as experience and have the chance to teach English within a Nepali Buddhist monastery.

Langtang is situated 12 hours North of Kathmandu in one of the most remote areas of Nepal. Bordering Tibet, the mountainous Langtang National park is renowned for its spectacular Himal Mountain views and is a popular trekking destination.

In Langtang there are several different programs that our volunteers can to choose to work within; either teaching English at Primary and Secondary level to the children in the local government schools, or working and teaching English to children in a less formal environment within the local Children’s libraries or at the main children’s resource center.

Despite being Nepal's largest city Pokhara, 200 km west of Katmandu, has a distinctly more laid back feel than the capital. On the banks of Lake Phewa and with fantastic views across the lake of the Annapurna Range, Pokhara originally became popular as a hippy retreat in the sixties. Although now much more famous as a trekking base, the city retains its relaxed appeal.

In Pokhara our volunteers have the opportunity to work and help the 32 children at the Orphanage with their studies and to stay at either the Orphanage or with a local host Nepalese family.

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"When you go to Nepal, try not to expect anything. You will always get the complete unexpected, and that was the most wonderful experience!"
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