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Our Mexican program is currently on hold but will soon start again.

Volunteering in Mexico Volunteering in Mexico means you will get to know a country with a real mix of cultures, where Spanish and Amerindian influences meet to form a fascinating and colourful place. This is a country that is often referred to as a traveler's paradise due its multitude of opposing personalities.

It is a fantastic place to volunteer as it has something to meet everyone's tastes whether you enjoy lonely and beautiful beaches, desert landscapes, tropical and mist forests, lush mountains, vast canyons, cactus covered sierras, looming volcanoes, magnificent historical colonial cities or archeological sites of cultures such as the Mayan, Olmec, and Aztec to its industrialized cities, Mexico is a huge country of great contrasts and diversity. There are thousands of villages where its population live unchanged lives, bound by tradition where the families and fiestas where Mexicans are proud of their roots and traditions.

There are artisan markets selling different types of folk art made from woven fabrics, ceramics, metalwork and carvings, representing the old gods and depicting the importance of nature. White water rafting, scuba diving, surfing, horse riding, mountain biking, hiking, mountain climbing and other outdoor sports activities are available throughout the country.

The realities of Mexico's social and economical poverty cannot be ignored and this combined with its closeness to the USA means that Mexico live with a strong need to learn the English in order to improve their job opportunities.

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Mexico Facts

Inhabitants:  111,211,789
Capital City:  Mexico City
Official Language:  Spanish
Dominant Religion:  76.5% Catholic
Literacy Rate:  91%
Female Literacy:  89.6%
Gini, inequality index:  46.1
GDP/Capita:  14,534

Xalapa, known as the city of flowers and the capital city of the state of Veracruz, is a picturesque city set in coffee-growing country. It is nestled in the hills four thousand feet above the Gulf of Mexico and an hour and a half away from the historic port city of Veracruz. Our volunteer work in Xalapa includes orphanages, working with street children, woman's groups, elderly homes, animal shelters, first aid and primary school teaching.

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