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Volunteering in Laos As one of the worlds least developed countries Laos offers a fantastic volunteer opportunity.

Our volunteers have the chance to help offer a level of education unavailable to most people within Laos whilst living and integrating into a culture than is still relatively untouched by modern Western ways.

Laos people are extremely friendly and volunteers will find their students are well behaved and incredibly respectful with a strong desire to learn.

Travel to Teach offers the opportunity for volunteers to combine their volunteering in Laos with our other programs in South East Asia, such as Thailand, Cambodia and Bali as part of a combination stay.

Laos has been part of the backpackers circuit linking Cambodia and Thailand for a number of years and but has now began to emerge as a tourist destination in its own right.

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Laos Facts

Inhabitants:  6,320,000
Capital City:  Vientiane
Official Language:  Lao
Dominant Religion:  67% Buddhist
Literacy Rate:  68.7%
Female Literacy:  60.9%
Gini, inequality index:  34.6
GDP/Capita:  859

Travel to Teach is located in the small UNESCO World heritage site of Luang Prabang. Surrounded by the typical Laos hilly and mountainous terrain, and situated on the banks of both the Nam Khan river and the Mekong river, the landscape is absolutely breathtaking. The scenery, combined with the old colonial French architecture and mixed with the beautiful Buddhist Temples makes Luang Prabang an easy town to fall in love with.

In Luang Prabang you will be given the opportunity to be part of many special projects and teach in different diverse environments, making your volunteer experience both interesting and dynamic. You will be given the opportunity to teach both novice monks and children from rural villages who come to Luang Prabang to gain access to proper education. Volunteering in Laos will be an experience you are sure to keep with you for the rest of your life.

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