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Volunteering in India Travel to Teach welcomes you to our new program in India! From the Bhagwatgita to Bollywood, the influence of Indian culture has emanated around the world since the dawn of civilization and continues to do so to this day. It is hard to think of an aspect of religion, science, literature, music or art that did not originate in some form in India. India's influence contiues to both enchant and bewilder. It is a paradox that is awesomely apparent as one walks down the street and senses the unique blend of the mystical with the messy, the serene with the chaotic, the modern with the ancient.

Relaxing on the veranda of the volunteer house one can see the local camel driver mosey by, a solitary peacock wandering along the roof, fruit-like scarlet parrots perched in the tree, sari-wrapped women milking cows and the baby goat teasing the puppy. The road is sporadically lined with groups of kids waiting for the school bus to take them to the private school in town, walking past them are the poorer kids heading to the nearby village school.

India's recent “economic boom” has unfortunately left much of its population behind. The caste system is a socio-economic constraint that rapid industrialization has only intensified. Large portions of the population have very little opportunity to change their extremely poor living circumstances. The people of Rajasthan are proud of their rich culture and heritage but due to frequent famines, lack of education and poor health facilities, a large portion of the populace is destined to face adversity on a daily basis throughout their lives.

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India Facts

Inhabitants:  1,178,267,000
Capital City:  New Delhi
Official Language:  Hindi
Dominant Religion:  80.5% Hinduism
Literacy Rate:  61%
Female Literacy:  47.8%
Gini, inequality index:  36.8
GDP/Capita:  2,930

Travel to Teach’s new volunteer program in India is set against the stunning backdrop of Rajasthan’s world famous Mogul forts and palaces. Volunteers will stay in Sikar a satellite city of Jaipur, Rajasthan’s economic, political and cultural capital. Jaipur was founded in 1727 and is known as the ‘pink city’ because of the rose color of many of its ancient structures. Jaipur is home to some of India’s most famous, awe-inspiring and best preserved architectural wonders including the the Hawa Mahal, City Palace and the Amber Fort. T2T India volunteers can walk through time-worn Hindu temples, muslim mosques and serene gardens that create a serene atmosphere amid the chaotic hustle and bustle of modern day India. This lively city annually reveals its rich ethnic diversity while celebrating a multitude of religious and secular holidays including the Kite festival, the Elephant festival and as well as many others.

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