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Gap Year

Gap year

Why take a Gap Year?

Everyone can benefit from taking a gap year. Here are a few of the reasons why a year off will be good for you:

Improve your career prospects - A well structured gap year can be a huge advantage when submitting university and job applications. You’ll be amazed at how many transferable skills you will use when planning your gap year and participating in your chosen projects.

Allow time for reflection - If you are unsure what career path you want to take then a gap year can give you a little bit of time and a little bit of perspective to help inform those big decisions.

Push your personal boundaries - Spending a gap year abroad will challenge you. For many people a Gap Year is their first independent travel experience. You are likely to encounter many unfamiliar experiences and need to adapt to new situations.

Have fun! - You’ve been studying for most of your life. You deserve to take a year out, have a break, explore new cultures, make new friends and enjoy yourself!

What should I do next?

Make sure you get the most out of your gap year by deciding exactly what your goals are and doing plenty of research to make sure they are achievable.

Volunteer with us at Travel to Teach and we can help you ensure that your gap year meets your personal expectations. As a small company we can tailor your placement specifically for you. Tell us what you expect in your perfect gap year and we can work with you to achieve it.

If you need some inspiration take a look at our locations and projects pages now to find out what you could be doing with your gap year!