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Volunteering in El Salvador El Salvadoran's are famed for their friendliness and hospitality but in the last 30 years the population has suffered a brutal civil war followed by a series of devastating earthquakes and hurricanes, leaving the country as one of the poorest in Central America. However, the war is now firmly in the past and following a free trade agreement with the United States as well as increased tourism, the economy is growing and things finally seem to be looking up for the population of El Salvador.

In spite of recent improvements many areas of the country remain devastatingly poor and there is a real need for volunteers to help with the countries educational and social development. Travel to Teach work in schools and orphanages teaching English and IT year round. Between September and December we also work with turtle conservation projects.

Despite being the smallest and most densely populated country in Central America, El Salvador offers a broad range of environments. A range of volcanic mountains run through the middle of the country and there are large areas of natural forest, volcanic islands and beaches that provide some of the most renowned surfing in the entire Americas.

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El Salvador Facts

Inhabitants:  7,185,218
Capital City:  San Salvador
Official Language:  Spanish
Dominant Religion:  57.1% Catholic
Literacy Rate:  80.2%
Female Literacy:  77.7%
Gini, inequality index:  52.4
GDP/Capita:  3,823

Known as the "the City of the Hills" Santa Tecla is famous for its colonial houses, parks and mountains. Located 10 miles west of the El Salvadorian capital San Salvador City in a 900 metre valley, Santa Tecla provides an excellent base for volunteers to explore the rest of El Salvador.

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