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Criminal Records Check

When should I apply

You must have completed all criminal records checks prior to the start of your placement. The CRB process usually takes at least 6 weeks so we strongly advise that you initiate this process once you decide to volunteer with “Travel to Teach”.

United Kingdom - Criminal Record Check
  1. Apply for an enquiry form available from:
  2. Complete the steps in the enquiry form
  3. Check all details are correct in the form summary and select 'Submit Form'
  4. You will be presented with a web reference number which you should keep a note of. This number is for tracking the web form and is not a CRB application reference number. Your CRB reference number must be quoted in all correspondence.
  5. Select 'Save and Print' to download the completed form. You will need to provide with the form:
    -The original documents as evidence of identity (with your name, date of birth and current address) (for example your passport, birth certificate or your driving license)
    - any continuation sheet's
    - payment (26 UKP for a standard CRB check and 44 UKP for an enhanced CRB check)
  6. Either save and email the form to the CRB at customerservices@crb.gsi.gov.uk or print the form and send it to:
    Freepost NWW5699A
    Customer services
    PO Box 165
    L69 3JD

Once you’ve sent in your application, you can track its progress using the online tracking service. To use the online tracking service, just enter your application form reference number and your date of birth.

Australia – National Police Check
  1. Print or/and fill in the application form available from: http://www.afp.gov.au/~/media/afp/pdf/n/national-police-check-application-form.ashx
    Check that you meet the requirements noted above.
  2. Ensure all the necessary details have been completed and the form is signed and dated. Applicants must choose one purpose only from the following list. Identify the relevant code and insert in the appropriate box on page 1 of the NPC form. If the purpose for your NPC is not listed or you are unsure please ring the Criminal Records Help Desk on 02 6202 3333 between 9am and 5pm (Australian Eastern Standard Time).
  3. A copy of an Australian driver's licence or another form of acceptable identification must accompany the application (passport, full birth certificate, marriage certificate). You must submit the form no more than three months after signing it.
  4. Sign any attachments included in your application.
  5. Do not send the Application Completion Guide to the AFP. Please retain it for your reference.
  6. Attach a cheque or money order payable to the Australian Federal Police ($ 45, in Australian dollars, no cash). If using a cheque, it must be from an Australian bank or from an institution affiliated with an Australian bank.
  7. Post all applications to:
    Australian Federal Police,
    Criminal Records
    Locked Bag 8550
  1. Go to your local police station and get the fingerprint form C-216C
  2. Provide your fingerprints. There may be a fee for that service.
  3. Complete the fingerprint form
  4. Give the reason for application: volunteering.
  5. Give your full name and date of birth, sex, mailing address and phone number and/or fax number and/or e-mail address.
  6. Check that the official taking your fingerprints has recorded the information accurately.
  7. Get a certified cheque or money order for the appropriate processing fee, made payable to the Receiver General for Canada. This processing fee is in addition to the fee for having your fingerprints taken.
  8. If you want your criminal record check forwarded to another individual or agency, provide a letter of consent authorizing the RCMP to do so. This letter of consent must be an original document.
  9. Send your request to:
    RCMP, Civil Fingerprint Screening Services,
    Box 8885, Ottawa,
    Ontario, K1G 3M8
  10. Wait at least 120 days for your request to be processed. If you have questions, call 1-613-998-6362.
New Zealand – Police Clearance Certificate
  1. Complete the "Request by individual for a copy of any criminal convictions (Priv/F1)" that you can find either at http://www.justice.govt.nz/services/criminal-records/forms/request-by-individual.pdf or at your local police station.
  2. You will need to print and sign it.
  3. Attach a copy of your drivers’ licence or passport showing a current signature for verification purposes. Do not send original identification. If you do not have a drivers licence or passport, you will need to ask someone to confirm your identity, using Section 2 of the form.
  4. Send your completed form and copy of identification. You can either:
    Scan and email them to criminalrecord@justice.govt.nz Fax them to: +64 4 918 8974
    Post them to:
    Criminal Records Unit
    Ministry of Justice
  5. A copy of your criminal record will be posted within 20 working days of the date your completed form and identification has been received.
Sweden – Extract from the criminal record
  1. You can download the form "Extract from the criminal" available from: http://www.polisen.se/Global/www%20och%20Intrapolis/Blanketter/Registerutdrag/442.1_eng.pdf
    The form can also be found at the nearest police station.
  2. Complete the form. The entire form shall be completed by the applicant
  3. A copy of the applicant's birth certificate or equivalent document (a copy of the passport) which includes the applicant's full name, Swedish id-number, and place of birth shall be enclosed with the form.
  4. The fee for an extract from the criminal records registry and the cost of postage must be paid in advance to the Swedish National Police Board.
  5. Post the application to:
    Box 12256
    Polhemsgatan 30
    SE 10226 Stockholm
    or E-mail it to rikspolisstyrelsen@polisen.se
    Time for processing the application is approximately 2 weeks
Holland – Certificate of good conduct (COVOG)
  1. You can apply for a certificate of good conduct at the Population Affairs Department (Burgerzaken/Publiekszaken) of the municipality where you are

    registered in the Municipal Personal Records Database (GBA).
  2. The information you supply on your application form is entered in the computer, which automatically adds data from the GBA. All this information is then sent to COVOG, the Central Organisation for Certificates of Good Conduct, which issues certificates on behalf of the Minister.
  3. The application will not be processed unless the form is completed in full and the following documents have been enclosed:
  4. A recent (not more than 14 days old) original extract from the Commercial Register of the Chamber of Commerce. If the business is not registered, enclose a copy of its articles of association:
    - the reason for the application, i.e. a description of the activities for which the certificate is being requested and the sector in which they are to be carried out;
    - a copy of the call for tenders (where applicable)
    - clearly legible copies of valid identity documents with photographs and personal details of all natural persons concerned
    - a clearly legible copy of a valid identity document with a photograph and personal details of the applicant
    - a copy of part of the articles of association or power of attorney showing that the person making the application is authorised to do so.
United States of America - FBI Identification Record Request
  1. The FBI offers two methods for requesting your FBI Identification Record: Submit your request directly to the FBI or submit to an FBI-approved Channeler, which is a private business that has contracted with the FBI.
  2. Complete the Applicant Information Form available at: http://www.fbi.gov/about-us/cjis/background-checks/applicant-information-form
  3. Obtain a set of your fingerprints. Provide the original fingerprint card. Previously processed cards or copies will not be accepted. Your name and date of birth must be provided on the fingerprint card. Fingerprints should be placed on a standard fingerprint form (FD-258)
  4. Submit payment. Cash, personal checks, or business checks WILL NOT be accepted. Payment must be for the exact amount.
    - Option 1: Obtain a money order or cashier’s check for $18 U.S. dollars made payable to the Treasury of the United States. Please be sure to sign where required.
    - Option 2: Pay by credit card using the Credit Card Payment Form.
    Don't forget to include the expiration date of the credit card that you are using.
  5. Review the FBI Identification Record Request Checklist to ensure that you have included everything needed to process your request.
  6. Mail the required items listed above - signed applicant information form, fingerprint card, and payment of $18 U.S. dollars for each person or copy requested—to the following address:
    FBI CJIS Division - Record Request
    1000 Custer Hollow Road
    Clarksburg, WV 26306
  7. If there is no criminal record, a report reflecting this fact is provided.
Germany – Criminal record/conduct check
  1. Criminal record checks (Führungszeugnis) in Germany are carried out via your local citizens' registration office (Meldeamt). Application forms for the Police Certificate of Good Conduct can be downloaded from: http://www.australien.diplo.de/contentblob/3333108/Daten/317188/download_zuAntrag_Fhrungszeugnis.pdf
  2. The fee for Police Certificate is 13.00 Euros. Payment may be made by remission of a non-negotiable cheque or bank transfer to the following bank account:
    Deutsche Bundesbank
    Filiale Köln
    BLZ (BSB): 370 000 00
    Account No.: 38001005
    Reference: file number (if known) or full name
    In case of a bank transfer of the fee please attach proof of payment (e.g. copy of paying-in slip) to your application form.
    Cheques should be made out in Euros, and must be drawn on a German bank. Fees charged by banks for the redemption of a (foreign) cheque must be added to the fee for the Police Certificate of Good Conduct. Information on the amount of such fees can be obtained from the relevant bank.
  3. Fill out the form, print it out and send it to:
    Bundesamt für Justiz
    Sachgebiet IV 21 / IR
    53094 Bonn GERMANY