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How is T2T Funded?

Travel to Teach Costs

Travel to Teach has very low costs compared to other volunteering organisations (see our compare our prices page).

The main reason for this is that we have no "western" overhead, we do not spend large amounts of money on promotion and we are not a profit orientated organisation. Nearly all of our western staff are former volunteers who wanted to stay on at their volunteer locations and our local staff work for us part time while financing their studies.

How Your Volunteer Fees Are Spent

How your volunteer fees are spent


Accommodation costs cover the rent for our volunteer houses, office and staff housing. Accommodation also includes donations to home stay families, house tax, electricity and water.

At every project location there is at least one local coordinator and/or one western coordinator. Their main tasks are: to prepare dorms for new volunteers, to meet, introduce and generally help volunteers, to manage contacts with schools, to to assure a continuation in the teaching programs and to provide 24/7 emergency support to the volunteers.

Administration Costs

Includes all the costs incurred recruiting volunteers such as producing literature, developing and maintaining a website, sending mails as well as accounting, legal fees and staff salaries.

Program Expansion

Research and selection of new programs, travel costs incurred visiting new programs, staff recruitment, furniture and supplies for new projects. In the past year Travel to Teach has expanded into 4 new countries and started working 16 new project locations.

Investment in Teaching

Some of the investments made by Travel to Teach in the last year include: - The Meechai school restoration projects. - The computer centre at Meechai communtiy centre - Teaching materials for 12 English camps. - Direct donations to schools to purchase teaching supplies.

Volunteer Coordinators

At every project location there is at least one local coordinator and/or one western coordinator.

Volunteer Costs

These include preparing dorms for new volunteers, hosting induction weekends, making welcome packs, materials for cooking and language lessons, parties and basic supplies such as drinking water and toilet paper.

Combination Stays
Discounts for volunteering in more than one country.
Two's Company!
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