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Volunteering in China China is a fascinating place to volunteer providing immense cultural exchange opportunities for volunteers and student alike. One of the world's oldest civilisations, since the first contacts were made few countries have been as fascinating to the West. Because of its size and highly developed culture China has always been a factor in western history in spite of its distance. Chinese civilizations out paced much of the world up until the 19th century. The Abacus, paper, the compass, and gun powder are credited as the four great Chinese inventions.

China has the worlds fastest developing economy. The economic boom of the last 20 years has put the country at the forefront of world development, but has also created huge contrasts in society. Whilst living standards have risen rapidly for many, China still has approximately 130 million people living below the international poverty line. This economic boom has brought a greatly increased need for foreign language skills, increasing the demand for English teachers and providing opportunities for students from poor backgrounds through learning other languages.

Students in China are respectful and very hungry for knowledge and a pleasure to teach in the classroom. This ancient culture provides many opportunities for a fantastic volunteer vacation experience.

Volunteer Locations

China Facts

Inhabitants:  1,338,612,968
Capital City:  Beijing
Official Language:  Standard Mandarin
Dominant Religion:  Buddhism 3%-4%
Literacy Rate:  90.9%
Female Literacy:  86.5%
Gini, inequality index:  47.0
GDP/Capita:  6,549

Our most recent Chinese volunteer location is the central Eastern coastal province of Jiangsu. Our volunteers will be located in the historical city of Su Zhuo, famed for its network of ancient canals that criss cross it surrounded by traditional style white washed houses.

Volunteering in Shanghai Islands gives you the opportunity to experience a rural farming community while being only one hour away from the bustling metropolis of Shanghai.

The schools volunteers work with are located on the Chong Ming Island, Chang Xing Island and Heng Sha Island.

Travel to Teach's second volunteer location is in the city of Mian Yang in China's western Sichuan province. The vast Sichuan basin is bordered on 3 sides by mountains creating a mild tropical climate and extremely fertile lands and the area has been a cultural centre for over 3000 years leaving numerous archaeoligical sites. Travellers are also attracted to the area buy its national parks and the famous Wolong Panda reserve.

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