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Bondalem is a traditionall Balineese village at the North coast in the province of Buleleng (Singaraja). The city of Singaraja is about one hour away from the village. Bondalem has four major temples and a number of small houses with family temples around the village. Every full moon the village celebrates Purnama in one of the major temples. There is a big traditional market open from 5 in the morning to 8.

Yayasan Mimpi Nusantara Bersinar

The Yayasan Mimpi Nusantara Bersinar (The Dream of a Shining Archipelago) Foundation is a non-profit organisation, which is dedicated to improving the Education and Educational System on Bali. Volunteers are a huge part of the working face of the foundation and usually they are assisting teachers in governmental schools during the morning. The foundation has many local partners in Bali, and together with these partners we are running several afternoon teaching classes.


The Yayasan Saraswati Mandala is a non-profit Organization, founded in January 2010 in the village of Bondalem in the Buleleng (Singaraja) district. The focus of the Yayasan lies upon creating additional educational opportunities for the children in the village of Bondalem, to enhance cooperation and mutual learning.

Volunteers will be English teachers in an afternoon school. The Yaysan Saraswati Mandala founded the school, it has two classrooms and a big garden, which can be used for activities with the kids. Classes are running in the afternoon from Monday till Friday. If Volunteers wish, they can be assist local teachers in the morning in one of the many government schools around Bondalem.

Prices are available for any period between 2 weeks and 6 months.

Show prices in:
2 Weeks 4 Weeks 8 Weeks 12 Weeks 24 Weeks Extra Weeks
$883 $1010 $1262 $1514 $2272 $63

Read how your fees are spent or compare our prices with other volunteer organisations.

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What you receive
    • Introduction on arival
    • Support 24/7
    • Accomodation
    • Airport pick up
    • Regular follow up meetings
    • Introduction to Indonesian Culture
    • Introduction to English teaching
    • Lessons in Bahasa Indonesiska
Apart from our fees, you must pay for:
  • Your travel to Bali
  • Vaccinations and Visas
  • Airfares and all transportation to your project location
  • Health insurance
  • Food and other personal expenses

Our application process typically takes two or three weeks, but can be speeded up if there is a need for that. When we receive the initial application from you, we will send you our full application form.

(1) Complete the Initial Application Form:
The first stage of the application process is to fill out the brief initial application form. Upon receiving this we will send you the full application form.

(2) Complete the Full Application Form:
Fill out the application form. After receiving this we will assess your suitability and place you on one of our programs.

(3) Placement info:
We will return detailed placement information and an invoice. If you accept the placement you should clikc the link to say so. The fee can be paid with credit card through PayPal or by bank transfer.

(4) Communication:
Once you have made your traveling arrangements you should mail your time of arrival and the means of transportation and we will confirm pickup.

Dates for the Year 2015:
November: Sat 28
December: Sat 5, Sat 12, Sat 19, Sat 26
Dates for the Year 2016:
January: Sat 2, Sat 9, Sat 16, Sat 23, Sat 30
February: Sat 6, Sat 13, Sat 20, Sat 27
March: Sat 5, Sat 12, Sat 19, Sat 26
April: Sat 2, Sat 9, Sat 16, Sat 23, Sat 30
May: Sat 7, Sat 14, Sat 21, Sat 28
June: Sat 4, Sat 11, Sat 18, Sat 25
July: Sat 2, Sat 9, Sat 16, Sat 23, Sat 30
August: Sat 6, Sat 13, Sat 20, Sat 27
September: Sat 3, Sat 10, Sat 17, Sat 24
October: Sat 1, Sat 8, Sat 15, Sat 22, Sat 29
November: Sat 5, Sat 12, Sat 19, Sat 26
December: Sat 3, Sat 10, Sat 17, Sat 24, Sat 31

Volunteers will stay in a house in the village center of Bondalem, the house has a one double and a one single room with western style bathroom and kitchen facilities. The market and the school are in walking distance.

Perched right on the beach, Bondalem is a retreat for people wishing to escape the tourist hotspots. A great place for nature lovers you can swim, snorkel and visit the nearby waterfalls. The neighbouring Bali Mandala hotel offers Mediation, Yoga and Spa activities that you can pay to participate in.

At the weekends you can take public transport or hire a private driver to visit the larger towns of Singaraja, Kuta, Luvina and Ubud. A motorbike can be hired and is useful for visiting surrounding villages/ towns, for this an international driving licence is required.

There are no western restaurants in Bondalem, but around the market are many small Warungs selling the local dishes. The prices are very reasonable and the quality is good.

Bali has two seasons, dry and wet, although temperatures remain consistently hot, averaging around 31°C (88°F) throughout the year. The wet season runs from October to April with most of the rain coming between December and February. Rain is not uncommon outside of the wet season, although most of it comes at night or in the very early morning.

Bondalem Weather Chart
Volunteer Bondalem Weather Image

A number of international airlines fly either directly to Bali, or via Bangkok, Kuala Lumpar or Singapore. These include Singapore Airlines, Quantas, Air France, Thai Airways and Cathay Pacific. The Singapore based airline Air Asia also fly cheaply to Bali from Kuala Lumpar and Singapore. There are a number of Indonesian based budget carriers, although some of these have less that impressive safety records so are probably best avoided.

Volunteers will be met at the international airport in Denpasar.


Sandra, is from Germany and has previously worked as a Sales and Marketing Assistant. In August 2009 she got married to a Balinese man and finally moved to Bali in May 2010. Now in Bondalem she is managing the Yayasan Saraswati Mandala and is the main contact person for our Volunteers. In her spare she teaches Yoga and Meditation.


In mid 2007 Henning left his job as an IT Consultant and came to volunteer with Travel to Teach in Nong Khai/Thailand. After volunteering he went traveling to Indonesia and wanted to set up his very own volunteer project there. The first volunteer came in March 2008 and since then he has developed a number of different projects in Bali. Since June 2009 he is running a small non-profit organization, The Shinning Education for Balinese Kids Foundation, which is dedicated to improving the Education and Educational system in Bali. The foundation has established a number of free English learning centers for Balinese kids, where our volunteers are placed. In his spare time he focuses on his BSc Development and Economics studies and enjoys the great surf that Bali has to offer.


Komang is Balinese and has lived in Bali all his life. Before joining the team in 2010, he worked as a caretaker for a local learning center. Komang loves to work with the children, and has an excellent rapport with all his classes. He enjoys spending time with his family and attending ceremonies.

VISA Information for Indonesia

Do I need a visa to go to Indonesia?

Visa requirements vary depending on the following factors: your purpose of travel, length of stay, nationality and place of residence. Please check with the Indonesian embassy for the requirements of your nationality.

Our program is under the category of “volunteer tourism” and we recommend you to state your purpose of travel as “tourism” when asked by immigration officials. If you state “work” or “volunteer work” as your purpose, immigration officers often demand that you pay extra and acquire a work/employment visa.

Our participants should be aware that their Visa is their own responsibility and we can’t held responsible if a participant is being punished by local authorities for Visa violation.

Length of stay and types of Visa:

A 30-day tourist visa can be obtained upon your arrival in Bali for a fee of US$35 which can be paid in cash or by credit card. The Visa on arrival can be extended for an additional 30 days for a fee of about US$ 65 and our local staff will be happy to advice on the extension process.

If you are staying longer than 60 days, you will need to apply for a 60 day tourist visa from the Indonesian embassy prior your arrival, which usually then can also be extended for a further 30 days once in Indonesia.

Please make sure that you are applying for a tourist visa and not mention that you are coming to Indonesia to do Volunteering work, as then you might be asked to provide further permissions or sponsors letters.

Please Note: Volunteers at our Bali projects are required to provide evidence of a police check-up prior to starting their placement.

If you are planning to work in Cambodia then you will need to obtain a police records background check before starting your placement. For details on the application procedure in your home country please take a look at: www.travel-to-teach.org/CRB-information.php

At all other locations you will be required to abide by the Travel to Teach Child Protection Policy.

Courses or boosters usually advised: hepatitis A and B, typhoid; tetanus-diptheria.

Vaccines sometimes advised:Japanese B encephalitis (if visiting rural farming areas), rabies, malaria.

There are no required vaccinations needed to enter the country but please consult your doctor before traveling. More information is available from the WHO's (World Health Organization) travelers health information site or CDC.gov traveler’s health information.

One of the conditions of entry onto our programs is that volunteers have travel insurance. Most importantly the insurance needs to include medical treatment and repatriation in case of unforeseen accidents or illnesses. Volunteers should purchase insurance independently and bring a copy of their insurance certificate with them for their local co-ordinator to check before starting their program. Read our terms and conditions.

You will get a Travel to Teach certificate stating the time and place you have been teaching.

All volunteers are required to read and agree to our terms and conditions before being accepted onto one our programs.
Read our Terms & Conditions
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