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Travel to Teach International Volunteering

Travel to Teach is an international volunteer organization that links volunteers from all over the world with grassroots community projects in South East Asia and Central America. By basing our two regional head offices in Thailand and El Salvador, we strive to lower costs and provide affordable programs, while maintaining a closer contact with the visiting volunteers, the local people, and the projects. Our primary focus is on English Teaching, which is available at all of our locations. Whether you are on a gap year, a career break, early retirement or just on vacation, if you are on your own or in a group, we have the ideal volunteer placement for you.

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At Travel to Teach We:

  • Provide valuable opportunities for our volunteers to work abroad.
  • Ensure genuine experiences of different cultures at a cost that most travelers can afford.
  • Teach or provide other assistance and support in poorer parts of the world..

Travel to Teach has been running volunteer programs since 2002 and has placed thousands of volunteers. We aim to provide volunteer placements for not only gap year students, but also career breakers, 50+ and the early retired as well as for small or large groups.

 Photo Phnom Penh School Dance Video
 Photo Video: My Volunteer Experience in El Salvador by Sarah Hanson
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Asian Combination Stays
Combine volunteering in Bali with stays in Nepal, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos or Thailand
 Photo Tim, Germany
When I got off the minivan in Mae Hong Son I still felt a bit dizzy after all the curves you have to cope with when coming from Chiang Mai. But bursting into the small night market with the astonishing view onto the temples, the lights sparkling in the lake right in front of it made the hardship of the bus ride a distant memory.
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